Capital Court Services is a professional-to-professional litigation support agency catering to legal professionals including law firms, public agencies, financial institutions, and private investigators.

Our clients do not include pro se litigants, but we happily provide free phone or email consultations to any interested party. We’ll help you in any way we can, even if that means referral to a competitor.


– Summons and Complaint
– Subpoena (including criminal witness subpoenas)
– Federal Summons and Complaint
– Federal Trial Subpoena
– Court Order
– Order to Show Cause
– Discovery (Interrogatories, Request for Production, Request for Admissions)
– Eviction Summons
– Foreclosure Summons
– Dissolution of Marriage
– Dependency Petition
– Petition for Termination of Parental Rights


Ernest Moody is a Certified Process Server in Florida’s 2nd Judicial Circuit, which includes Leon, Gadsden, Jefferson, Wakulla, and Liberty Counties.

If you need a Tallahassee process server, then you’re in the right place. Conveniently located in downtown Tallahassee, FL, Capital Court Services is your ideal provider of prompt service to all Tallahassee addresses including:

  • 1201 Hays Street (Corporation Service Company, Prentice-Hall Corporation System, LexisNexis Document Solutions)
  • Florida Secretary of State (see special requirements below)
  • Florida Office of Insurance Regulation (see special requirements below under “Florida Chief Financial Officer”)
  • Florida Department of Financial Services
  • Florida Attorney General
  • Florida Office of the Governor
  • Incorporating Services, Ltd.
  • Registered Agent Solutions, Inc.

Of course, we don’t just serve registered agents and state agencies. We happily serve defendants at any address in the Leon County/Tallahassee area, including business and residential addresses.

Don’t know exactly where your defendant is currently living? No problem. We offer first-rate skip tracing services.


Our servers understand that in matters of litigation, time is of the essence. Routine services in Tallahassee/Leon County are attempted no later than 72 hours after receipt (excluding Sunday pursuant to Florida Statutes). Rush process service (within 24 hours) is available to any address in the Tallahassee area.


Naturally, our servers make attempts when defendants are most likely to be home. This means you will get early morning and evening attempts for any service at a residential address.


Most state agencies and registered agents are served within 24 hours at no additional rush fee.

Special Requirements:
There are several state agencies located in Tallahassee that have special requirements when accepting service of process, namely the Florida Secretary of State and the Florida Chief Financial Officer. The requirements for each of these agencies are detailed below. Our office is more than happy to answer any additional questions you may have about service to these or any other Florida state agencies.


Florida Secretary of State:
The Florida Secretary of State is often served as part of a process known as constructive service. When a defendant cannot be located for service after all due diligence has been done, the summons and complaint may be served to the Florida Secretary of State. The Department of State will then serve the defendant via publication in the newspaper of record in the county in which the case has been filed.


For the Secretary of State to accept documents for constructive service, the following requirements must be met:

  • A check in the amount of $8.75 must be tendered, made payable to “Florida Secretary of State.” We will advance the necessary fee upon request and charge $5.00 to do so. 
  • The summons must list the Florida statute under which service is being effected. The most common statutes for this purpose are §48.161, §48.171, and §48.181. Please review Chapter 48 of Florida statutes to determine which statute applies to your case. The statute may be listed on a separate cover letter if not listed on the summons.
  • The entire service package must be served in duplicate. This includes the summons, complaint, and any exhibits. We will charge $0.15/page for printing any documents longer than 25 pages.

Unless your summons was issued electronically, an original summons is required. This is increasingly uncommon since COVID-19 effectively caused all Florida courts to move almost exclusively to e-filing.


Florida Chief Financial Officer:
Under Florida statute, the Florida Chief Financial Officer acts as the registered agent for most insurance companies active in the state. When serving the Florida Chief Financial Officer as registered agent for an insurance company, the following requirements must be met:

  • A check in the amount of $15.00 must be tendered, made payable to “Chief Financial Officer.” We will advance the necessary fee upon request and charge $5.00 to do so.
  • The insurance company name must be listed exactly as it appears in the Florida Division of Corporations’ records. If there is any discrepancy the Chief Financial Officer will reject the service and provide a letter advising that they are not the registered agent for the listed company. Please see to confirm that your summons correctly lists the insurance company name. 


Additional Services

NOTE: Capital Court Services is not a private investigation agency. Any investigative activities are offered solely for the purposes of service of process. If you require the services of a private investigator, please contact us for a referral.